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And I'd've edited it, but I'm really lazy?

Rest assured my life is doing fine. I'd say I'm going to update again soon, but aforementioned lazy means I probably won't :) But you never know!

Say These Words: Aunt, Route, Wash, Oil, Theatre, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting Image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pyjamas, Caught

Now answer these questions:

What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
What is the bug that when you touch it, curls into a ball?
What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
What do you call gym shoes?
What do you say to address a group of people?
What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs?
What do you call your grandparents?
What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

Forgive the oldschool, this is just a file download link to an .mp3

Hope everyone is well!

-And their eyes change, as they learn to see through flames, and their necks crane, as they turn to pray for rain-

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03 August 2010 @ 18:05
I had a package when I came home just now:

And I knew exactly what it was and got very excitedCollapse )

This is very awesome and pleases me :D

Also interesting:
- Dad's 65th birthday, which went well! Even my present (he is impossible to buy for), which was an awesome tie. We had family dinner minus Mum and plus my brother's girlfriend on Sunday night, and there were many puns. Many, many puns. Also a roast!
- Work! It is worky. I did stuff today that made me feel like I knew what I was talking about and had learnt important things. This is a big step.
- Playing our-RP-game-which-isn't-Scion-any-more at the flat, or what we (Aimee, Liz, Lee, Renee, Jen, and I) are now going to call Prodigies, which we plotted out on Saturday very successfully and will be heaps of fun.
- Shopping (with Satan! It was fun and I hadn't seen her in aaaaages, so it was awesome hanging out time. We shall do it more often, for great justice), of which I did a lot and I am bad. On the plus side I now own my very first dvds - the Firefly boxset and Serenity 2 disc special edition. It is very funtimes.
- Also books. Oh god the books. I will have to do another photo set about my books soon, it is getting not-funny-just-sad.
- I am doing a concert singing Widor with Christchurch Boys' High School. It will be hilarious, and I encourage people to come. And laugh. Oh god I'm probably going to have to wear our robes and they will be in school uniform. Definitely come and laugh.
- I have done so much typing at work that my finger-what-I-broke-in-3rd-form actually aches and I have been strapping it. I feel so stupid about it. It is not a real injury.
- aimeesworld is teaching Classics at her placement (which is the high school she went to and I did for a year), and they are doing BIG AL AND I HAVE TO WRITE IN CAPS BECAUSE YES, AWESOME.

-Falling down the road in the middle of the light, that doesn't mean it's gonna be all right-

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25 July 2010 @ 01:25
I don't know why I just remembered this, though it may have something to do with the drunktxting that I have been getting tonight from someone, but when we all went to go mock see Eclipse at one point I leaned over to Liz:

Me (sotto voice, we were in a cinema after all): Hey, what's Rosalie's power?
Liz: I dunno, I'll ask *whispers to Aimee*
Aimee: *says something*
Liz: Aimee says her power is Bitchface.
Me: Fair enough.

-Baby let me explain something it's all down to drugs, at least I remember taking them and not a lot else-

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23 July 2010 @ 20:10
And yet I mostly did have stuff to do, so go figure.

That said I am still doing a lot of filing stuff, but that just means I am up to date with real work so I usually feel pretty virtuous about it.

And it's been nice that they're giving me more responsibility and generally saying good things about me, it's nice to feel that I'm fitting in. We said goodbye to Coworker A today, he is off to the UK with his family. He was only on a contract, but it's sad to see him go, he's a nice guy. Anyway, K and I went out to find him a goodbye present and we happenstanced a tie sale of sorts (still expensive ties, but a second for cheap), so I got a nice going away present and also a birthday present for Dad, which is most excellent.

And aimeesworld found out her placement today! Which means moving out will have a definite date in a week or so, I think. Very exciting. Hopefully Aimee isn't the one who owns the only can opener in the flat and such things, but I'm sure we'll be okay. Woo! Flat!

Going to Inception tomorrow and looking forward to it a lot, and I'm meeting up with Sait on Sunday too. She will return some books I lent her, which is on the one hand awesome but on the other hand means that it is even more apparent that I have too many books and not enough bookshelves.

That is a lie. I could never have too many books.

-Lord's gonna get us back, Lord's gonna get us back I know I know-

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Best laid plans and all that.

Now that I am working (woo!) I spend all my time there, which would be the perfect excuse for not posting except that I barely posted when I was unemployed. So there goes that theory :D I will try my best to be good about sticking to the new plan - I’ve realised that seeing as my work now ebbs and flows at an amusing pace I actually do have time to write entries, as long as I write them at work and then email them to myself, but hopefully you guys can profit from my lack of things to do, just at the moment.

Work is going really well, which is both great and a relief. It feels odd that after spending so long not getting a job this one was the first interview I had and I actually got it. What’s more it is a really good fit for me – excellent people, interesting work, potential to go further, good pay. I’m pretty lucky.

That said, the nature of the position does, as I say, come and go a bit in terms of work load. Two weeks ago I was working steadily all the time, processing and summarising public consultation submissions, writing letters, staying organised. This week I’m doing work out of boredom, to the extent that I am two weeks ahead of myself deadline-wise. It does mean that I do admin stuff though, which is vaguely hilarious in that it’s not really part of my job description, but I’m good at it, and because this is a new position it can be defined as whatever we want, to a certain extent. Coworker K is our TA, and she’s super good at what she does, and she’s taking care of three managers, which is somewhat insane. But because she is so busy doesn’t really have time for some of the minutiae of spreadsheets and tracking and all that stuff, so I’ve been doing it. I love doing stuff like that, because I am weird, so it all works out well.

K: Anne?
Anne: Yup?
K: Have you fixed up my spreadsheet for these types of requests?
Anne: No, is there a problem with it?
K: No, no, I was just hoping you had.
Anne: Oh right, okay.

K: Anne, you should go home, it’s past 5!
Anne: I’m making you a spreadsheet for the requests :)
K: Oh! Okay then, don’t go home, do that instead. Thank you!
Anne: *is amused*

What can I say? I like being organised. And colour-coding. Still, at some point I al going to run out of filing to process, so we'll see how that goes. K is ridiculously grateful for the help, plus I've been sick this past week, so data entry was just at the right level of how much my brain wanted to deal with, in between doing my proper work.

So yes, I get to be at work with fun people, and my team really is great, and get paid for being competent, which, while it isn’t exactly how you’d describe a dream job, I suppose*, is a fantastic thing to feel good about.

Otherwise same old, choir is good, even with the alto section outnumbering everyone and being a little bit more knowledgeable about the rep, which can mean that a) we have to compensate for the other sections’ dynamics, and b) we do stuff we know well, but spend a lot of time on it because the others don’t. We have a couple new people as well, though we could do with more tenors and basses, as always. Our tenor section is actually going to be very worrying soon.

Dad and I are good too. It’s winter here, and the house hasn’t been warm in general, but individual rooms can be kept nice, so that’s all fine. Nell stayed with us for about a month, in between flats, which was actually fine. We swapped a lot of music, for one thing. It was entertaining in that Dad and Nell and I all work in the same area of the city (along with Tom, who owns a coffee shop up the road), so we were all leaving at the sameish time for the sameish place. Dad actually had a hurt foot for a bit, so we got rides in instead of catching the bus. All quite family.

(Mum did call me a couple days ago in part to let me know that my great-aunt, her mother’s older sister Olive, has died. It’s sad in the general way of things, but it was apparently pain-free, and she was in her late 80s. Olive was kind of hilarious, very bold and brash, but did get dementia as time went on.)

The only other big news for me is that I saved up enough money to buy a laptop, which was very exciting. It’s lovely and I like it a lot, and it makes me feel a bit more secure about my files, too. I heart the shiny!

In the build-up to me moving out of the house in a couple months and into the Northland flat it also means I have the main purchase I wanted. Well, I want an easily movable bed, too, but my parents would actually be willing to lend me money for that if I don’t have enough in time. I should have some savings when I move though, which should be enough for crap furniture and a cat carrier for Milla, plus insurance and bond etcetera. It’s pretty neat that I’ll get to live with Liz and Lee, too, it shall be lots of fun :)

I went to a pub quiz with the Scion kids the other night, which we mostly sort of failed spectacularly at, but there were a couple of coups. I feel that asking us which musical “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?” comes from does rather play to our strengths.

I have been going to the bookstore a lot, because I love having books of my very own. Not that I really have the physical room for them, but whatevs. And now finally own my own copy of Ex Libris, by Anne Fadiman, otherwise known as one of the best books on literary criticism ever written. I am ridiculously pleased to have a copy of my very own, though it reminds me that I have not yet made up the Ex Libris bookplates for my library as based off the oil painting Nell made for me. It is both nerdy and fabulous to be in possession of an Ex Libris plate made just for me, so I should get onto that. I also bought Soulless and Changeless, by Gail Carriger, which are books 1 and 2 of a kind of steampunk-supernatural-romance novel series that is dubious in its improving of my character, but amusing and very readable none the less.

I've been watching Doctor Who at The Flat on Sundays, which has been very fun - I actually torrented the series so I wouldn't get spoilt, and because even if I haven't seen something I am generally pretty good at picking what will happen, so if I watch the episodes before my friends and then manage (it's very hard) to keep my mouth shut then they can enjoy it without be inadvertently spoiling it. It's just a familiarity I have with tropes I guess. But yes, it's been playing free-to-air here with a few weeks delay, so we are up to The Pandorica Opens tonight.

Otherwise fine - I have been sick but I am hopeful that the throat infection that turned into a sinus infection that turned into a very sore throat which is now just a cough is on the mend. My head certainly feels less clogged up and bleurgh.

I have been shopping today for a project that I hope to get sent away on Monday, which was really fun, even if the weather wasn't perfect for it! Hopefully it will all work out well.

Hope all are well! As I say, I will hopefuly be updating more regularly. I'd like to in any case.

*Then again, my dream job is to be a back-up singer. Seriously, have you seen music videos or been to concerts with back up singers? I want to dance behind people going “You can leave your hat on”, or whatever it is, and generally being basically awesome. You get to wear awesome outfits and go on tour and not be accountable to the public, but still be a paid musician. I would have a very hard time declining if someone wanted to make me an offer to be a back-up singer.

-In the Old Testament we'd get fire and torment, but the new one says something about healing-

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04 May 2010 @ 22:35
Isn't she gorgeous?

Thanks, strangrfiction!

-The volume's down, blue lights are dancing around, and still I can't seem to find the quiet inside my mind-

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16 April 2010 @ 21:38
I got a call today to tell me I have an interview for a job I really want, on Tuesday! This is most excellent, even though a lot of this process comes down to luck and not skill (which is not to say I am not highly skilful, because I am).

I am nervous, because I have to be and say and write what they want, which is obviously somewhat difficult to pinpoint exactly, but on the other hand, I really want it and I'd be good at it, which are points in my favour. Really I think I am most worried that someone else will just be more interesting or attractive or experienced or funny. I am all of these things, of course, but maybe there is some person out there who is even more so.

So in any case, I have to write a submission piece that I bring in, and do a 50 minute written test, and do a proper talky interview with three people as well. I am meeting someone my Dad knows who used to work with the team on Monday and she is going to help me out, which is both awesome and also hopefully a sign from god, because I really really want this.

My other news is not so interesting, only that I went with aimeesworld and the_turtlemoves/strangrfiction to see Clash of the Titans on Tuesday, and it was terrible. I am an amused fan of the original (Classics majors tend to be, I must say), because it is ridiculous, but this went past just plain ridiculous into bad. We still had fun, but we were laughing at the movie. In any case, then I left Aimee and Lee to go home and find out if they had hot water again, as "they were getting smelly" and it was therefore rather important.

I also managed to run into a friend of Liz and Lee's today, James, at the dairy, so we walked home and talked about tramping, as he and his brother are insane and do that kind of thing for fun. While drunk. But anyway.

This is mostly about me getting an interview, so wish me luck!

-I bet you could never tell, that I knew you didn't know me that well, it is my fault you see, you never learned that much from me-

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It's time for another sporadic instalment of me, so prepare yourselves, peeps.

News etc.Collapse )

So, other things (the bulletpoint version):
- cut my hair, so it is now short and fun. Makes it look reasonably professional, and given that it was between short and a fringe, and I was not willing to do a fringe myself (baaad idea. Always a bad idea) I went with short, which has turned out well.
- got a shiny certificate from the university telling me I have a qualification. I was going to graduate properly, but it's too expensive, and none of my family would have cared, so flag.
- I have become, disconcertingly, rather likely to be spending time on the internet facebook-stalking my high school peers, and it is stupid. I think I have to stop, because I don't even know why I do it.
- went to hear Neil Gaiman speak when he was here in Wellington, which was very good and a lot of fun. I wanted to reread American Gods straight away (because it is my favourite), but I've lent it to Sait, so another time.
- Met properly my cousin's kid Sofia a few weekends ago as the family was preparing to go to England for a while. She is 18 months and adorable, oh my god so cute, and we hung out and stuff and I liked her. Plus I caught her when she fell down (there are only three, but still) some stairs outside. She was utterly fine, didn't even cry, but did want a big hug from me.
- downloaded Doctor Who 5.01 and had a most excellent time. I approve of it a lot and to the point of not caring what people are saying about it unless their brains have been attacked by kittens of squee, à la spiderine.
- may have fallen in love with this guy a little bit. At about 5.23. Okay, exactly at 5.23. The rest of it is awesome also, mind.
- listened to the new Weezer album a lot. 'Run Over By A Truck' in particular.

Okay, that's all from me. Hope all are well.

-I feel like I've been run over by a truck, don't care much about anything, I'm happy to sing, I'm lacking the passion to do anything-

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08 February 2010 @ 00:03
You see, aimeesworld decided to pre-empt me on the telling of this story, but she didn't know my actual thought processes at the time, and I come off looking awesome in this story, which is always a bonus, so I'm retelling it:

SCENE: Aimee has Liz and Lee's table at her flat, as they are moving in there soon. Due to the moving in, the old table is sold. Thus, this table needed to be set up. And when better to accomplish this than before some good old tabletop gameplaying?

So I get a txt.

aimeesworld: Any chance someone can bring a screw driver tonight? Otherwise we shall be roleplaying at the coffee table.
annemjw: Yep, how big?

I am thinking, apart from how many puns this conversations is going to have about 'tools': It's actually funny that I'm still at home when Aimee has txted me, because I actually keep a screwdriver in my handbag, so for all I know I probably would have brought an appropriate tool anyway. Heh. Tool. I'd best check mine will be okay though, it's only a small screwdriver.

aimeesworld: No idea. Um. The screwy bits look under one cm diameter.

That sounds... exact. I'd ask her about Phillips vs. Flathead, but maybe small words are best. (It is somewhat gratifying that Aimee agreed with me on this point.)

annemjw: Is there a plus sign on the head or a line across it?

*minutes pass, while I wait for a txt*

aimeesworld: Okay, so It's actually bolts that need to be tightened on, not screws. What would one use for that?

*facepalm. No, I literally facepalmed*

annemjw: A spanner. Would you like a spanner, and what size?
aimeesworld: One and a half cm diameter. I am actually too stupid to live.

Bless. It's not her fault that Aimee does not know about tools. Her brain is taken up with being awesome in every other way, so whatever.

annemjw: It's alright, I am here for you. And I also secretly snuck into boy scouts, so we're good.

This is not the literal truth, you understand, but on the other hand, I keep a screwdriver and a pocket knife in my handbag at all times, so.

aimeesworld: Ah. See, I did brownies but my badges are in, like, macramé and reading.
annemjw: Mine are in internet, awesome, and tools.

Heh. Tools. There's a double meaning in that.

aimeesworld: Haha, definitely you have to be the man in our 1950s relationship.

This is not an insult, this is a reference to a long-standing discussion we have about how we would make an awesome 1950s couple if we weren't both way too female, feminist, and modern. But still. It'd be epic.

And then I got to Aimee's place, with a spanner in my handbag. We drag the table to where it needs to be.

aimeesworld: *turns around to grab a small bag* Here are the bolts.

I look at the legs of the table. Which... have threaded bolts coming out of them. I look back at Aimee, who is holding a little bag with some metal things in them.

annemjw: Aimee, I love you, but those are nuts.
annemjw: You big big freak.
aimeesworld: ...Oh.


-Is it a sin, is it a crime, loving you dear like I do? If it's a crime then I'm guilty, guilty of loving you-

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04 February 2010 @ 05:53
I was, through various links, reminded that Hook was one of the best movies of my childhood (and as a side note, on rewatching bits and pieces [okay all of it is on youtube, and I didn't watch the whole thing, but I watched significant amounts] it turns out the Gwyneth Paltrow plays young!Wendy, who eventually grows up to be Maggie Smith playing old!Wendy. WHICH IS AWESOME).

And it got me thinking about the fact that I miss those kinds of family films. Ones where the actors (Dustin Hoffman as Hook is one of the most amazing roles ever written, for goodness' sake* [and yes, okay, Julia Roberts is not so good, but damn it, Tinkerbell is hard to like {I love that bit in the book where it's explained that faeries aren't malicious, it's just that they're so small that they only have enough room in their bodies for one emotion at a time}, and she's a great character is part because of that]) are not embarrassed by being in a kid's film, because the writing is so good that is genuinely is a credible performance. The only film of recent years that I can think of that does a similar job is Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, which perhaps by no small coincidence also stars Dustin Hoffman.

In any case, here is where you reply to this entry with stories about your favourite childhood films. I'm not going to exclude animated films, though for these purposes (i.e. credible performances by unembarrassed actors) I think the medium of animation is a separate kind of film, but live-action ones are still preferred. Also, yes, of course, Mary Poppins does both, so it totally counts. (And Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! I mean, it's good, not that it has animation. Does it? I don't remember any. ANYWAY.)

In closing, I love Dustin Hoffman. And also, apparently, parentheses**.

*I also love this, taken from the Wiki article on Finding Neverland: "The original screenplay for this film included a scene in which [Dustin Hoffman's] character – the play's sceptical producer – was to put on the Captain Hook costume and read some of his lines to point out how silly he found it. Hoffman objected to this, so the scene was rewritten for him to simply read aloud and ridicule character names from the play". I like to think he refused because Hook was such a great role, and he did such a great job in it.
**And footnotes.

-Well I love you so dearly I love you so clearly I wake you up in the mornin' so early just to tell you I got the wanderin' blues-

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30 January 2010 @ 17:13
You'd think I'd have more time to post, in between, you know, sleeping, reading (mostly Georgette Heyer some more, though a bit of Steven Pinker has snuck in on the side) and looking for jobs I'm actually qualified for.

On the plus side I did vacuum the house today, so at least I was semi-productive. And Summer has kicked in here with a vengeance, so there've been a gorgeous few days here in Wellington, which my cats are enjoying immensely. In between in being too hot and requiring them to lie down on the carpet inside in the shade, to cool down. And bringing me mice. Though when I think about it Bobble just seemed to want to play with the mouse, so I left her outside to, well, gnaw on it.

Sidetracked! But yes, news is: no news. I am unemployed at living of the kindness of strangers parents, though I have been home alone the past few days while Dad's gallivanting in Canberra for no particular reason. And I started back at choir this week, which actually was really fun.

But yes, I finished at TCol a while back, and have a temporary piece of paper telling me as much, though I don't get the proper shiny till the end of February, I believe. However, as much as I'm sure is utterly surprising to you all, it turns out I don't actually want to be a teacher, because I'd suck at it and hate it lots, and then fail. Not my idea of a good time. So I am instead looking for perfectly ordinary jobs in the middle of recession, which was a good plan. In all honesty though, I'd really like to just be able to go to work and earn a paycheque and not really have to worry about it. I would make a most excellent office bitch, and I resent people not seeing my brilliance as one such :D

Earlier in the month I spent some time in Tauranga for my grandmother's 80th birthday, which was waaaay too hot, but otherwise good times. Tauranga is a 7 hour drive from here, so Dad, Nell, Tom, and I got into a car Friday morning, drove there, had the party Saturday, and then drove back down on Sunday. I like my family, but Sunday was not the best time ever. But yes, it was the first time all 9 of the grandchildren had been together for about ten years, and they are all basically awesome people, so we had a good time and got quite boozed. It helps that our ages range from 18-28 between the ten of us, one supposes.

So I'm going to go back to my terribly gruelling schedule of internet before aimeesworld, sherbert0lemon, theturtlemoves, Renee, and Sylvia come over (and I think how_nifty, too) to play nerdy games with me on my Saturday night, (and to give/sell Aimee some of my teaching books, cause she's doing the same course this year. Mwahahahha) but I am of course keeping up with all of everyone else and your news via its medium, which is always fun.

A meme before I go, though some are blatantly copied from having done a similar one before:
7 Habits/Quirks/Facts, as asked for by kittiword
1. I make up harmonies to basically every song I ever hear ever. And I'm actually pretty good at it.
2. Whenever I come home, I touch the head of the statue of Hinemoa that my grandmother made and is in my garden. I think it's sort of an acknowledgement of the house, saying that I'm home.
3. I have never been overseas.
4. I can speak, write, and understand how to count to a hundred in four languages: English, Maori, French, and Chinese.
5. I have been swimming with wild string rays in the Poor Knights Islands. You can scritch their nose bridges like cats.
6. I have broken one bone, my left little finger, which happens playing Benchball in third form. I then had to bring in my x-rays to prove to my classmates this had actually happened and I hadn't made it up just to get off P.E. (Girls are dicks.)
7. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Classical Studies from Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand, and a postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) which I obtained over four years of study, all before I was 22 years old. Not that employers actually care about that :(

-What a nice day for a murder, you call yourself a killer boy but the only thing your killing is your time-

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10 December 2009 @ 15:37






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26 November 2009 @ 17:24
Blatantly stolen from the lovely kel_riley, and also lucy_locket, who is probably lovely also, I imagine.

You know how sometimes people on your friendslist post about stuff going on in their lives, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out.

A meme! It"s just what I"ve always wanted!Collapse )

Aaaaand that's a post.

Love you all, go watch DesertBus, they just made over $100,000 for charity playing the most boring video game in the world, and they still have about 9 hours to go! GO GO DONATIONS.

Choir has been awesome, we are about to start on Advent music, which is my favourite and awesome and we acapellaed the Advent service last rehearsal to someone who didn't know it and it was kinda epic we all hit the chord, I love stuff like that.



-This love is brighter, this life is higher, one heart is wider, one heart-

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05 October 2009 @ 22:29
Yes, the return! I find that I say this a lot on my lj, but I have been away for a while. I return better, faster, stronger, and 6 million dollars poorer, as per usual.

I last caught up with everyone while I was on my second placement, which for the most part went really well. Great kids, pretty awesome classes, some fun topics, and some good lessons. Not good things included the aforementioned failing of one of my visiting lecturer assessments, but I passed the second one, as well as getting excellent marks from my associates, so if Vic wants to talk to me about that as an issue I'll just have to take it how it comes.

The biggest issue was probably Classics, in that my associate teacher was in ill health, but was also nursing her husband through cancer while I was working with her. Three weeks before the end of my time there I got an email from her explaining that due to his continued bad health she would not be returning to school. In fact he died three days later, which apart from being very sad definitely confirmed that she would not return. So I became Head of the Classics department by default. Thankfully the kids in particular were really great, and as much as I'd like to think that at that point I'd already established to them that I knew what I was talking about, it was their support as much as the school's (well, the English department) that helped most.

Indeed, I should clarify that by Head of the Classics department I meant that my associate was the only Classics teacher in the school, and none of the other teachers (even those who do relief) had a Classics background. So I was it. It was actually fine, my teacher's office was in the English Department office with seven(!) other teachers, one of whom was my other associate, and we all got along well, so it was fine. Scary to be designing lessons with no feedback though! I did get some of the English teachers to check on my pedagogical practices a few times, but the kids liked me, the school liked me, so it was all pretty straightforward.

So, I was there, I taught, I got them through their mock exams (well, the one [ONE] Year 12 who turned up to the exam plus all my Year 13s, in any case), and I left them a week before the end of their term - a pity in that they wouldn't have a teacher with content knowledge for a week, but they were more than warned ahead of time, and I made them very aware in my final week that this was the opportunity to ask about obscure references and details in the Aeneid.

Then I slept for 30 hours. I am not even joking.

And then there were two lovely days of holidays, before I broke my tooth on Monday, handed in an assignment, went to the dentist, and took Bobble!cat to the vet on Tuesday, and then the news came through that my Uncle had died of a heart attack on the Sunday, his body only having been found that day. Which rather spoiled the mood.

Nicholas George WilliamsCollapse )

So. The family, of course, came together for the funeral, and even my cousin Billy flew in from London, and actually ended up officiating, which was actually perfect. The two weeks till now have been filled with planning and meeting and family, which has been a little overwhelming, actually, as I'm sure many of you all can attest.

Thus, 2009. At this point I am very much holding out hope that nothing else goes wrong, because it has not been so good, but we can only go forward from here, after all.

Today I went back to school, and actually it was really good. Stressful, especially given that I had an 4000 essay due at 4 p.m. that I only started at 12.45 p.m., but it did get done. Plus we spent the morning talking about Shakespeare, specifically The Tempest, and that is always something I will be interested in. Tomorrow I will begin my 4000 word essay that is due on Thursday, especially seeing as Wednesday involves four hours of lectures back to back, and a extra long 9by a half hour) rehearsal in preparation for the concert I am singing in for choir.

And now! I am going to go and mess about on the net some more. I will mention one thing, which is a birthday present/post I made for the incomparable skellerbvvt last week, but which contains (amongst other things) a mixtape/zip file of some songs I've been enjoying. Do go and download if it looks like your thing.

The wonderful aimeesworld has just sent me through her thesis to do an edit on though, so I will go do that first. Hope all is well with everyone, but I am actually caught up on my flist, so I'm reasonably in the know on you lot :)

-Des nuits d'amour à ne plus en finir, un grand bonheur qui prend sa place, des enuis des chagrins, des phases, heureux, heureux a en mourir-

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23 August 2009 @ 21:41
Just a quick note to say I am around, through way way way behind on my flist, so I'll see if I can catch up sometime, but I wouldn't count on it :)

Pretty awful week all round, and I did a dumb thing concerning my TCol requirements, but I can't really bring up enough ability to care about it too much. It's good enough for me that I'm having such a good time with my classes and my kids, who are all pretty danged fantastic.

Hope you're all well, I am hanging in there. Thank you for all your messages this week, I really appreciate them.

Haven't done a whole lot of work I was supposed to, so I'm gonna get onto that.

-I've been wasting all my time with the devil in the details, and I got no energy to fight, he's a fucking pantomime-

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16 August 2009 @ 22:06
Well, I suspect I am only writing this because I have had more than a lot of a bottle of red wine from last night, but nevertheless.

So an old friend of mine committed suicide last weekend. Which... I hope she has found what she was looking for, I really do, and I know all our thoughts are with her not being in pain any more. I couldn't and still can't really work out what to say about it, but I couldn't say nothing. Her funeral is tomorrow, and carries with it the expectation of incredible pain on the part of her friends and family, I am sure. Mourning is important though, and we know this.

In any case, rest well, Kyla. I hope you are safe.

09 August 2009 @ 16:36
YES. IT IS TRUE. ENTHUSIASM. As in, I actually like this gig.

It's a miracle.

Seriously though, (Ohai, beteedubs) I am having so much of a better time on this placement. Let's start at the very beginning (join in if you know the words):

Turned up on Day One at 8 a.m. or thereabouts, as they had told us there was going to be a pōwhiri to welcome us. Which was totally awesome of them for the sheer fact that I immediately felt so much like they actually wanted us to be at their school. Way more than the utterly uncomfortable 'oh well I guess we have to have student teachers' that I got from my first school (yes, I know I am not naming names, this is on purpose, so please to be refraining in comments due to the google-fu, yes?). There are nine of us (!) on placement there this time, and from a range of subject areas, which has been really fun.

Anyway, our coordinator person took us on a tour of the school to find our classrooms and everything - again, way more than my last school did (I should probably stop saying that now, but take it as read that my last school was less than stellar on some of this stuff, yes?) - and told us all the neat things about the school and introduced us to the awesome Year 12 (that means he's 16, to you non-NZ folk) who runs his own business at the school whereby he makes and sells coffee and gets it hand delivered to the staff, also. This should tell you rather a lot about the school - they are big on having students be self-motivated and follow through with ideas like that.

Apparently he started this business up when he was 14 and training to be a barista (he is now more than fully qualified), and the school said to go for it. Because the senior students start classes at 10 a.m. at this school (unless they have classes for scholarship or whatever), he gets in before basically all of the staff (he has a key, because again, the school is all about the treating you like an adult thing), and runs the coffee machine (that I believe the school bought? No idea if he paid them back for it or what) till before he has classes. He also has hired his friends and younger students as lackeys to run around and deliver coffee and I suspect get trained as well so that when he leaves school the business will remain. He's my hero at the moment. Because come on, that's awesome.

So. Yes. Now, keeping in mind that there are nine of us (!!) they didn't exactly have our timetable sorted in an altogether timely fashion, but they've also been really accommodating - I appear to have been taken on primarily as a Classics teacher (YAY), and had two classes for that plus a Year 9 (13-year-olds, oh god) English class, but that does not give me enough hours of teaching by a long shot to be good enough for the requirements of Victoria Uni. So we emailed them and said 'hey look here is the deal: we totally can't', which they were actually good about (GOLD STAR, VIC. GOLD STAR FOR ONCE), but the school also let me hook into a Year 13 journalism class, which I will probably be doing not much in, but is totally awesome anyway and gives me some more in-class hours. Probably helps that I'm a nerd on the internet who reads stuff, let's be honest. Blogging makes you brainy!

My associates are interesting. The teacher for the Year 9 English class is a little crazy (we're surprised, let me tell you. This school has so many sane teachers), but nice at the very least, even if the fact that she doesn't follow through with behaviour management threats means the kids are joining to tell me to fuck off if I try and make them do, well, anything, but I'll come to that when I come to that. She knows all the kids really well, and I have a lot of respect for that. The Classics teacher is a little crazier, in fact. Rather an institution (as those on my flist who went to this school will attest), but not exactly in the best of her years. As much as she is a total fount of knowledge (god I love the ephemera of Classical Studies), the fact is that she is severely impaired by the fact that she needs to have knee replacement surgery, like, two years ago, and her husband is at the moment dying of cancer. Yeah. Exactly. It has been mentioned to me that it's actually pretty neat I'm here, because I can take on some of that workload, even if it is just for the next seven weeks (well, six now, but).

And oh, my kids! Bless. My favourites so far include one who is leaving me next week to start his hairdressing apprenticeship, and I am sad about, because he is the most gay you can be at 16, and obsessed with hair (the salon who is giving him this apprenticeship is one he works at) and obsessed with boys, and is basically adorable. Plus he and the three other girls who turned up to class that day (to be fair, that class has a roll of seven, so) were amused by my statement, after he had told us of his boyfriend ('Of seven weeks! That's, like, seriously the longest-term relationship I've ever had!'), that I wasn't sure if two hairdressers should date each other, as I am pretty sure that the amount of product involved would probably cause the world to explode, or something ('Okay, actually, to be honest, you should hear our conversations. All we talk about is hair!' 'You know P., I can probably imagine it. And I'm already a little scared').

Also in the same class is a totally-awesome-girl, who is actually good at Classics and is a theatre nerd and we geeked out over Shakespeare, before I told her that I was very much looking forward to seeing Titus Andronicus later on this year (I have seen a lot of Shakespeare on stage this year. I know that Wellington is trying to do that whole Compleate Workes project, but still) and she told me she's going to be in it. THIS IS AWESOME. Plus I got to tell her My Thoughts On Measure for Measure, because she was possibly going to be doing it and didn't really know it very well.

I mean. Come on. This is basically awesome. Yes, some of the stuff is still terrifying to stand up and do, but in a lot of ways that has to do with coming into an established classroom and trying to do things when your associate teachers are different from you. I love love love having senior classes though.

ALSO: I have worked out that I have issues with teaching English. Because I am a English nerd for life and know all the secret handshakes and so forth, but I was (and am?) a gifted English student. I say this not because I am trying to brag, but in all seriousness. I groked things that other people took a long time to get. I was way ahead of my peers in English. I got it in a way that had in a lot of ways nothing to do with the admittedly awesome teachers that I managed to get most of the time, even though many of them undoubtedly made me use that gift and extend myself and all that good stuff. The point of which is that as an English teacher I find it difficult sometimes to understand why students might not get stuff. The might not like stuff I at least understand from my own experiences of not liking stuff, but I cannot really understand the position of someone at the age of, I don't know, 14 or so, reading To Kill A Mockingbird and not getting that there are themes. It's right there! You know what a theme is cause you've just been taught it, what is not to get? One theme is racism, guys. Also, the role of women and girls. Also, truth as a construct of our environment. Okay, yes, at 14 you are not necessarily going to be able to articulate some of this stuff, but I just... it's right there. So yes, difficult for me to understand that, and I get frustrated.

Not so with Classics! With Classics I had the skills of an English nerd, but I also had to work, and stuff didn't always just make sense. So I am much much better at seeing where they're coming from.

Oooookay, long entry. I haven't talked about some stuff, like the first Classics class I had where my associate teacher didn't turn up and I had the class on my own without a reliever even though that's actually illegal. And nearly falling asleep in the staffroom because this is way tiring guys. And even not-related-to-school-stuff like hanging out with Liz, Lee, Aimee, and Ben and watching High School Musical. And spending too much money on clothes for my placement. And reading Mark Abley's The Prodigal Tongue. And not catching up on my flist even though I'm doing that now. So let's just pretend like I did.

Much love to you all, I am full of the frustrations of life and renovations and choir and friends-in-bad-places and all of this stuff, but I adore all my friends for putting up with my crap and entertaining me and making me think of what would happen to Gilderoy Lockhart if he went to the Underworld in His Dark Materials!verse and had to tell the Harpies a true story (if it's a true story but it isn't yours, does that still count?), and letting me edit their Honours essays, coincidentally. And making me laugh, both in person and on the internet (seriously, between aimeesworld, copperbadge, sherbert0lemon, ask_twnz and okay, let's just say my whole flist: so much talent. So much life and fantasticism) ♥

-Let's argue in the kitchen, for hours and hours, tomorrow is a travesty, tomorrow should be ours, musicians are cowards!-

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09 July 2009 @ 22:11
My last week of freedom! Torchwood has good timing, I tell you what.

I've really been having a fun time with it actually, if for no other reason than that everyone else is having so much fun :D

Spent yesterday hanging out with Lee, aimeesworld, and sherbert0lemon. We rented Interview with the Vampire and mocked it a lot (Thandie Newton is in it, which I didn't realise), and then watched Twilight and mocked it a lot, and then watched Primeval and marvelled at the fail, especially of the costume department (COME ON GUYS, ORANGE CAMO PANTS = NOT ATTRACTIVE). It was really very fun, we had a good time, even if we totally imposed on Liz and Lee's place for about ten hours. La la la.

Also today we got the floor all done in the renovations, so it is very shiny and nice. It's odd, because it doesn't feel like it's been that long since we started then, but it was March, I think. Anyway, at least it isn't driving me insane, which is the other option. There's stuff everywhere in the house, but there always is. And besides I basically live in my room, especially when it's so cold as this and Da and I mostly eat in our rooms rather than downstairs.

The internet continues to provide me with amusement:

In our hearts, Mr. Ando will always be a penguin.
Dooce's kid Leta is so awesome.
Basically just made me go 'Oh My God, That's Awesome', and courtesy of Kitsune Noir

And it seems my exams brought me down quite a bit from my marks, but I've passed everything (just checked now, actually, I didn't realise everything was up). Got a B+ for EPSY302, which is good, B for English, C for G&T, which is the lowest mark I've ever got on a paper. Guess this means I have to go to school next term. Super sadface.

Stay cool, internet, I am going to be a total bitchface lame person starting next week, I imagine.


-I wanted to be with you alone, and talk about the weather, but traditions I can trace against the child in your face, won't escape my attention-

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At this rate I'm going to have to move some to other places in the house, and believe me, space is at a premium there too. This is a crisis, people!

-Do I question my loyalties? Do I try to work it out? Well you're the part of my memories, that I never wanna live without-

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05 July 2009 @ 22:27
Aww, loudtwitter is down. How will you all know of my epicness in reading fun things on the internet without it?

It has been a busy weekend though - partytimes last night was fun, if I little rainy and before Coley got there a little 'okay so I am going to stand by myself now' awkward. But! We had fun, and actually went to What-Was-Espressoholic-And-Is-Now-Enigma from about 12.30 till 3am, which involed talking about what to name cats and how musicals are awesome. I couldn't remember what musical 'The Surrey with the Fringe on Top' was from, but of course it's Oklahoma!, which is much more famous for the titular track and 'Oh What a Beautiful Morning'. My sister was Ado Annie in a production once (and was awesome, but Nell is awesome at both theatre and singing, so that's not surprising). I love musicals so much.

On that note, I went to theatresports this evening with aimeesworld, how_nifty, Kirsten, and Hannah, which was highly entertaining. There was a madrigal about Napoleon being short and arrogant, the importance of bending your knees and slowing down while skiing, and why you should never be caught eating cheese. Full points to the lovely improvisers and their skills.

I am headed to Aimee's again tomorrow (shut up we do not spend too much time together, she is my Ron) to discuss the YA blog thing that Kirsten is the brainchild of. Could be interesting...

I rented Hellboy II on my way home, but I still need to see Transformers 2, I don't care how bad it is. Explosions! In the face! Face-Explosions!

Sleep cycle is still totally messed up. Aimee may have txted me at 5 with something that said 'Are you still in bed? GET OUT OF BED, ANNE'. I was awake at that time, at least, but... yeah.

-Who rules the day?, Who rules the night?, Go pack your bags, take up your scythe, I said this world wasn't meant for us both-

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